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New Theory

The main problem in the past of farmers until now  is  the lack of water for agricultural. For this reason, His Majesty the King  would like to help the farmers who suffered difficulties  to past the crisis. This initiative, called the "New Theory"

New Theory: Why new?

1. There is little land management and allocation. There are obvious areas for the benefit of farmers which no one has ever thought of before.

2. The theoretical calculations   on the water to retain sufficient  for cultivate throughout the year.

3. It is planned to perfection  for small farmers with up to 3 steps.

     3.1 The allocation of space to live and make a living.

            To divide the area into four sections by a ratio of 30: 30: 30: 10, which means : the third part is about 30% of the catchment pond. To collect rainwater in the rainy season. Used to grow crops in the dry season. As well as fish and other aquatic plants.

The second area is about 30% of the rice in the rainy season  and  for use as a daily food family adequate year-round to cut costs, and self-reliant.

The third area of about 30% to plant fruit trees, perennial crops, vegetables, herbs, etc. to use as a daily food. If it can be sold to consumers.

The fourth area is inhabited by about 10%. Other Animals and housing


Key principles and guidelines


1. A system to produce sufficient. Farmers can feed themselves in the economy.

2. Since rice is the main factor that every household should be consumed so will have enough rice to eat throughout the year.

3. To provide water for cultivation in the dry season.

4. The people must allocated land for the high benefit.

When they understand the principles and practice which the land. So the farmers could develop into advanced enough to eat  by to give effect to complete  and should  be carried out by the second and  by the third stage .

The second theory

When they understand the principles and practices on their land, and the results then. They have started the second phase is to provide farmers join forces to form groups or cooperatives to unite in action in the field.

(1) Production (plant tillage, irrigation, etc.).- Farmers must cooperate in production since. Minimum tillage Finding plants for water, fertilizer, and other crops.

(2) Marketing (Rice rice granary. The yield)

- When a productive must prepare in order to get the most selling products like rice prepared jointly. Supplying the rice granary preparing the rice as well as a combination product for a good price. And reduce costs down.

(3) Well-being (shrimp paste, fish sauce, food, clothing, etc.).

- Meanwhile, farmers have to be in a reasonably good. The fundamentals of life such as food, clothing be adequate.

(4) Welfare (Public Finance).

- Each community should have the welfare and essential services such as health station when ill  or  a trust fund for the purpose of lending activities of the community.

(5) Education (School Education).

- Community should have a role in promoting education as a fund for the education of the youth .

(6) Society and Religion

- Communities should be included in the social and psychological development.

Third, the new theory

When performed through the second stage. Farmer or group of farmers, they should progress to the next phase of work for funding or funding sources such as banks or companies, private businesses  to assist in the investment and quality of life.

However, both the farmers and the Bank and the Company have the benefit sharing are...

- Farmers sold the rice at a high price. (Not lower)

- Banks and companies can buy food at low prices. (Buy paddy from farmers and the paint itself).

- Farmers buy supplies at low prices because of  bought a lot together. (A cooperative wholesales).

- The Bank and the company will be distributed personnel. (In order to carry out the activities for achieve better results).

The benefits of the new theory .

1. Give people have a better life  in the budget and not starve by themselves.

2. In the dry season can stored the water in the pool for  planted, even rice is grown without hurting irrigation

3. In the rainy season the water throughout the year. This new theory, it can make it more lucrative.

4. In the event of a flood was able to recover and  can helped themselves on some degree and the government does not help too much.


"... The  New Theory is not a simple as that, but depending on the occasion and budget  because now people know this new theory spacious and each is wanted. This new theory must have suitable space with ... so. implementing the new theory  should  practice to find the water for the people. It is not easy. Everyone need to do ... 

The image circle is small pool of farmers. Digging up the new theory When the water in the dry season. Farmers can pump water to use  and if the water in the pool is not enough to obtain water from Huay Hin Kao Basin (a little), which has made a syrup out into the pond was dug in each plot and allows the water used throughout the year.When farmers use water more Huay Hin Kao Basin (a little), it may not be enough water. If development Pasak or large projects completed  it was used to divert water from the wild is a large reservoir down to the Huay Hin Kao Basin (a little), it helps to have enough water for an entire year for the farmers ... ..




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