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The concept of professional development for self-reliance of farmers

Works on promoting the development of rural communities is that the major aim is to help developers turned to help develop the self-reliance of people in the rural area. Activities and projects in the works performed at several locations around the country today that are all with the end goal of self-reliance of all people.To develop both professionally and agriculture. Farmers can live a secure and stable countries.

Therefore, the people in the rural areas is even more self-reliant. Due to the development works to please the King bestowed the farmers are complete.

How to Develop                                                                                                       

1. Not use the principle to the farmers to follow . It may not help them self-reliant because the operation is not caused by contentment.

2. The emphasis on self-reliance and self-help first. Themselves without seeking the cooperation of external force to act when necessary

3. People Participation is a cornerstone in the development of projects due to the initiative.

4. Another key is made of the principles of democracy in action

5. The principle of local conditions to guide the implementation of the project due to the initiative.

6. One important initiative is to strengthen the community by creating the necessary infrastructure to manufacture. This will lead to the foundation of self-reliance in the long run.

7. To promote or enhance the rural poverty and as important as various knowledge. Must  be very careful in use of technology and should try to fit the conditions of the country and the livelihood of the people to be effective as well.

8. Brought the knowledge of appropriate agricultural technologies into the hands of the rural population in a systematic and continuous. The focus has to be the same as the technology of manufacturing process where residents can get away and be able to perform the actual results.


Innovation Adoption Theory.

Those scholars and practitioners in the development of rural development are always amazed that the Majesty of any strategy to introduce the publisher accepts the recommendation of his works.  Majesty implant works to the public admitted to practice constantly. The development cycle is said to follow the nature trail.

1. Raise awareness among the public to recognize (Awareness). 

... Thailand is an ideal place to settle. It must be maintained . Please do not make it become the desert. It can prevent ...

 2. The creation of the public interest (Interest) . The  Majesty explained  each  project in detail is easy for  his people.


3. The following  in the appraisal or evaluation (Evaluate) .

4. Trial to test whether the work of the initiative was introduced, it was effective or not. In some cases, if there was clear and feasibility as well as across the country. It was released to the public, and so on.

 5. Accept layer (Adoption) project due to the initiative when it comes through a multi-step process. Curing time trials for a long time and has a research and development due to the initiative and the other is a demonstration that the public can see it as an example of success, that people can prove to be beneficial to the life and well-being of their own.

The King dedicated his wisdom to seek ways to develop citizens to have a peaceful . The people should  follow his training and orientation to achieve wellness by one as well ....

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